dinsdag 17 april 2012

woensdag 4 april 2012

The 2th of April we had quite a good ringing mourning with 116 birds at the JBO including a male Ruppels warbler, a female Masked shrike and a Wryneck (see the pictures in the post below). Other sightings were some migrating Storks, Lesser spotted eagles, Alpine swifts, Pailled swift, Masked shrike, Wryneck and all the local stuff in the city parks.

I was a bit sick and cold so we didn't ring yesterday mourning. We just visited the Old City and some parks in the afternoon and found a new hostel. The Citadel hostel in the Old City is a very nice one with a roof terrace with a really nice view over the whole city, the mountain of olives, the desert North of the Dead Sea and the Jordan Mountains. We sleep ousite on the terrace and even at night it's really nice!

I felt a lot better today so we join ringing at the JBO. We had not so many birds but we caught two Wrynecks and a really beautiful male Palastine sunbird. We visited the Mountain of olives where we had a great view over Jerusalem and the desert vally North of the Dead Sea.

Tomorrow we will go to Bethlehem!

dinsdag 3 april 2012

zondag 1 april 2012


Today we did some ringing at the JBO with Sylvia warblers including 6 Eastern orphean warblers and some other stuff like Common naghtingale and Eastern redstart. In the afternoon we did some birding. reptilling and chilling in the park and met two Jewish girls. We had a nice conversation about the Jewish religion. See the pictures below. We stay now at the Abraham Hostel in Jerusalem with live music, it's a really nice hostel! Good night.